Installing WordPress in HostGator

WordPress, who have never heard about it? Obviously, most of us have already known. For those who have not yet know about it, it’s okay because you will know about it now. For your information, WordPress is known as one of the most popular blogging platforms and the amount of its users is not a few. If you know the search engine Google, the users of WordPress can be as much as the users of Google search engine. Using WordPress is not difficult. You just need to install WordPress. It’s very easy for it has the user-friendly interface. I am sure that you will use it fast because WordPress is designed to be easy for everyone. You don’t believe it? Let’s start to proof it in the next few days.

Below there is a little tutorial to help you to install WordPress by using “QuickInstall”. Maybe you will only need a few clicks if you have thought of the Blog Title that will be used, blog description, email as well as the password. If you have not prepared those, you may need more time because you need to think about the blog title that will be used 🙂 Therefore, before you start, it is wise for you to prepare everything first.

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