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Do you like photography or you are a photographer? Whoever you are, whatever your job, if you have photography as hobby, obviously you have all photos you took by yourself and obviously, you must learn to edit those photos. When you take photos by using a pocket camera or DSLR, the results in memory card are the basic results. All of those photos are still needing a little touch or editing to get the better and more beautiful results and might as well more artistic.

We all have ever gone to a place and take photos of the particular location, let’s say in Hawaii but sometimes, the results are not similar to the ones belong to other people. The results of a photographer to another photographer can be different. Actually, the results are similar with just a little bit differences that lie in the final editing results. Now, in order to be able to edit the photos just like the professional photographers, we need to learn how to edit photos.


Learn Photo Editing, learnphotoediting.net

To start the lesson of photo editing, we need to prepare several things first. The most important things will be photos and the program or software to process the photos further. For the software, we can use Photoshop. I will give example by using this photo I have. Now, let’s proceed to check on the short tutorial below.



We might see advertisement in a magazine with the weird display of photos. Examples: an elephant lifts a car by using its trunk; a dinosaurs near a child and a lot other weird photos. All of those photos are the photos that have been edited in particular way. Do you want to be able to edit photo just like the following picture?


CanWon GadisCantik

Learn Photo Editing, learnphotoediting.net


Yes, you can learn all of that at home. I will help you by giving the step by step in this tutorial. It is to help you so that you will be able to edit photos like that or you may also visit some of my friends’ websites and also my favorite websites that already helped me to be able to edit photos like that. One of them is learnphotoediting.net. You will be able to visit that website later. It’s true that in order to be able to learn in that website, it is recommended to become a member. After being a member, we will be able to have access to all available lessons. I too become a member there and in my opinion, after being a member, there will be very satisfying result because all lessons are very detailed with complete materials for learning process.

Aside of that, the learning materials are being updated from month to month in order for us to be able to get latest lessons and technique to edit photos that can be sold in the world of advertising and industry.

Aside of that, you will also be able to combine the editing manual by using the additional software or plugin such as using Topaz Clean Plugin. I am using Topaz in some of my edited photos too.

For everyone in Indonesia who have problem to buy and become a member there, I can help you. Just contact me and if you have difficulties to watch the lesson videos after being a member there, maybe this video tutorial will help you. I hope that this article will be beneficial for you. Thank you.



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