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It is better for you to choose the right Domain Name
When customers look for something, which can be restaurant, hotel, wholesaler, or anything, the first step that they take is turning on their computer and searching for that thing online. Customers can easily find the thing they deem suitable for them. For this reason, if you are a true businessperson, or a person who wants to have a website, you should buy its domain name now.

Choosing a Domain name is not an easy job. You should choose it according to your business field. If you want to start an Electronic Store with Eka Jaya Elektronik as its name, you should choose a domain name that is similar or almost similar to your store’s name. imagine if someone else has already bought that name. It’s regrettable, isn’t it?

Of course it is regrettable if someone has purchased the Domain Name we choose, but you should not give up because you can use extension variations of that that domain, such as .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, or .CO. Remember that .COM is not your only choice. Besides, you can also add elements that may be related to your business or your name, like “” so that you can distinguish your business from that of other people in different parts of the world. You can also help search engine find your website and make it distinct by doing so.

If you just start your business, choosing a business name is indeed not easy. You have to think about it seriously and to mind all possible factors, the most essential of which is that you have to think about whether that name is easy for people to remember. Think about that seriously.

You need to know that all businesses, new or old, reap advantages by having a good domain name, such as,,,, and many others.

Having a Domain Name proves your seriousness in running the business
When you go to a mall, when you look at an attractive item and stores that are neatly organized, you will mostly be amazed, won’t you? You will mostly think, “Gosh, how attractive the item is. Its maker must be a serious person.” Just like the item you see, your business will signify your seriousness in running it if you buy a domain name for it.

Besides, by having a domain name for your business, you can multiple email addresses using that domain name like You can show your store’s address and your phone number on your website and feel peace in mind because you now have a beautifully-designed website that eases customers from different parts of the world when they want to buy your product. How wonderful and professional is that?

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