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Some of my friends ask me, “How can you earn money from internet?” “What are the products that you market and how you do that?” “Which system you use and is it difficult to be an Affiliate Marketer?”

To answer all of those questions, I write this article and I hope that this article can also be helpful for the readers of this website. Personally, I am not a good writer and I am even not a skillful online marketer who can be compared to such experts as John Chow with his product iM John Chow. Honestly, I even cannot write in English correctly because I never attend English course and I only know little about English. I know the meaning of a whole English sentence but I cannot understand it word by word.

That’s the real truth!

So, how can I write this article? I write it in Indonesian first before I hand it to a content writing service that I regularly hire. I will tell you later about the website if you seriously want to work in the field of affiliate marketing. In this article, I will give a simple explanation about my job, about various types of online business and affiliate program and about how by simply using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (social media websites) and WordPress Blog we can reap profit (with varied values).

Affiliate Marketer; Affiliate marketing

Some of my friends have commented that online business will not give me a lot of money. Well, I will simply respond, “No, the business can actually give a lot of money,” but I will also respond, “Yes, not all people can get a lot of money from internet.”


Based on my experience, online business is very difficult and requires more rigorous effort than that needed for working at an office. Why? Because our income depends on the visitors and the readers of our website if we are using web blog as a means to promote our affiliate’s products. If we are using social media websites, our income also relies on visitors and readers who read and take the final step to buy those products. If we want to use Email Marketing, we must already have a list of people who really want to buy, and those who are enthusiastic. If you miss any of the aforementioned requirements, don’t ever think that you will get commission or income.

It is important to notice that the success of an affiliate marketer relies very much on how we pay attention to very simple, or even small and insignificant, matters and how we are aware that our dream to earn income will not come true if we never read, have curiosity, do research, learn, and practice every day. When you read this article at this time, this is what we call the first stage: “reading.” After you read, you will start to have “curiosity,” which encourages you to seek more information about what you have read before. This stage is called “researching.” When you think that you have done enough research, you will arrive at “learning” stage. At this stage, you have to find the right course program that can truly provide you with real training program that makes you understand the subject wholly. Don’t ever be tired to find such program because it is essential to provide us with knowledge base to achieve Internet Marketing success. Learn from people who truly have achieved success. You may ask, “Where did you learn Affiliate Marketing? Okay, I will be open to you and tell you about that. I used to learn from an Indonesian (I apologize because I cannot mention the name) and then I learnt from such foreigners as Andrew Hansen and John Chow, among others (simply click those names and you will arrive at the places where I used to study).

Yes, I work as an Affiliate Marketer. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a job that is carried out online whose aim is to promote other people’s particular products or services. As an affiliate marketer, we will earn salary only after we successfully sell the products or services we promote through our website. What if we don’t make any sale in one month? Obviously, we will earn nothing

Merchant, also referred to as affiliate merchant, is someone or some company that has a particular product to sell on the internet. People like me, on the other hand, don’t have any product or service to sell, but can be the marketers for their products through a website that I have. In this case, I also use my website to market the products of all merchants who are cooperating with me so that when there is a visitor who buy the product by clicking affiliate link that appears on my website, I can get commission whose amount is different from product to product.

Why do I prefer to be an affiliate marketer? The answer is quite simple,

  1. I am a shy person, so I guess that becoming an affiliate marketer is the most suitable career for me.
  2. By being an affiliate marketer, I can sell products and services.
  3. I love building websites.
  4. I expect passive income
  5. If done correctly, it can be a job with income that is much bigger than minimum wage in Indonesia.

There are many modes and ways to earn rewarding profit from Affiliate Marketing Program
As I have said earlier, there are many ways for us to earn rewarding profit from Affiliate Marketing Program.

  1. Pay per sale affiliate program In pay per sale program, we will earn profit or income only if there is someone who visits our website and makes a real purchase to a product. Keep in mind that profit only comes from real purchasers.
  2. Recurring affiliate program This is a program that constantly grants commission to us as long as the person who subscribes for a particular service always renews their subscription every month. Examples of such services are webhosting, online course, and auto responder. Usually, the commission is small, but I like this program because I will continuously earn income as long as that person remains a subscriber. Hopefully, after you read this, you will buy a webhosting and domain service using my affiliate link
  3. Pay per lead affiliate program This is a program that provides flat commission for every prospect. If you are a famous affiliate marketer, there is a big chance that you will be invited by a lot of merchants who want you to help them sell their product. As someone who is sought after by those merchants, you can always negotiate about how much percentage of the price of the product being sold that you want to earn. You are the wanted marketer, so you have the leverage for the negotiation. Unfortunately, I am not such kind of famous marketer
  4. Pay per click affiliate program This is a program that I regard as unique and bizarre. We will get paid when an advertisement that is published on our website is clicked by visitors.

Actually, there are many other affiliate marketing programs that we can follow. I will not mention them one by one in this article. If you want to learn more about those programs when you are ready to jump into this online business, you can learn about them by accessing – or If you want to get detailed information about those programs, you can find it there. You will also be guided to be a professional marketer like me as well as other people who have successfully earned money from internet. I recommend both sites because I learn from them when I want to earn money from the internet using the right and rewarding methods.

Before I miss it, I want to say that being an Affiliate Marketer also has shortcomings. Unfortunately, those drawbacks are rarely elaborated by gurus and course programs that focus on teaching Affiliate Marketing because most of them will only say that we can earn $100 to $1000 every month only by working at home. There are even those who say that we can earn thousands. While this claim is not entirely wrong, as I have said earlier, such lucrative profit can be earned only if we do the business correctly. And even after we use correct method to do it, the huge profit still doesn’t come instantly as claimed by those people. Time and energy is needed to reap such profit.

The shortcomings of being an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Time is needed (for doing SEO, branding, etc.).
  2. Energy is needed (you have to work at least 8 hours every day).
  3. Capital is needed (to buy a website, to write articles, to buy backlinks, themes, plugins, etc.).
  4. Having a website is essential.
  5. For those who expect instant profit, this job is not a suitable option (especially for starters).

Buat temen-temen di Indonesia yang ingin terjun di bisnis online tetapi memiliki keterbatasan dalam bahasa inggris seperti saya, kalian bisa menggunakan Jasa Penulis Artikel yang sering saya Gunakan.

That’s what I want to say for this time. Next, I will write an article that specifically talks about this topic. I hope all articles that I write will be helpful and will provide additional knowledge to you so that you will not give up before even trying this business.

The next article is the continuation of the above article that is related to Affiliate Marketing.

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