My name is Pramze, I am 36 years old, and I live in Bali-Indonesia. I work online as a freelancer. Why online? Because it allows me to work with anyone on any parts of the world who happens to see my profile on the internet or on my own web blog. Perhaps, I have been so lucky that I have been introduced to this online job.

I am not a kind of person who likes to be in a crowded place. I don’t like to go to discotheques and I don’t have a car that I can drive. I am not a rich person as well. I am just a person who can be said to be happy enough to have a very beautiful wife, a friendly Golden Dog, and a loving family. And since I join this worldwide organization, I never have any friends the way I used to do (I miss that moment). Being an online freelancer and online marketer allows me to have more time to be together with my family. Honestly, this job really has its own ups and downs.

A Little Bit about Me

I used to be an artist at an Advertising company. When I was bored, I move to a new Video Production company (Art Vision Bali). I loved working at that company because all of its employees were like family for me, although the salary that I got was relatively small and was not enough to sustain my life. I thought that most of my colleagues also thought that way. After 3 years working there, I was fired because of clear reason: my employer was influenced by his wife and acted like a religious person with his clean and white clothes, while in fact he was soaked with black and dirty stains here and there.

Getting fired is weird and excruciating. Sometimes, we think that everything will go right after we get fired. We can find another job that is much better. However, in fact, we never know whether our future will be the same or much better. It is not easy to find a new job especially if we are not young anymore, have limited knowledge, and have limited skill. I immediately think… THIS IS THE END OF MY LIFE. Since that time, I decided to work online at home. (Thanks to a friend who wholeheartedly helped me get acquainted with this job, create Video tutorial, answer all of my curiosities patiently nights and days, and finish my sales silently) Thanks once again for all as well as your love dear friend.

Because layoff is very bad for my life, I, who usually get money every month, cannot earn salary anymore; however, I thank to God that I can finally know this online, which I can do conveniently at home, village, hotel, or anywhere I am. This circumstance also allows me to have more time to be with my family and to do all various field activities.

Earning Income from Web Blog

What does that mean? You must have known about some people who earn money from internet, but for those who are not aware of that, this is indeed something new. Yes, I have successfully earned money from internet using website and blog. In fact, this job is not easy because it requires some skills in English, reading, writing, building website, and being able to reach the top position of search result page, and it also requires starting capital. In fact, I am not good at all with any foreign language and my English skill is very limited because I never take any English course like my friends do. So, how can I write this article? First, I make it in Indonesian and then hand it to my wife so that she can translate it into English. Sometimes, I also hire translation service.

As I have said earlier, I finally can earn money from internet. In fact, you can also be like me and earn money from internet. Remember that I never regard myself as a teacher or a marketing guru. The technique that I use to earn money from internet is similar to that other online workers also use. I don’t want to tell you about a fast way to be rich by working online. It can even be said that working online is less likely to produce income than working in an office. This is the real truth…

However, if you do your online business correctly, you will mostly earn something from internet. I believe that we all have our own luck. Honestly, I want to tell you that the information published on my website is as free as that published on other websites because I myself also learn from those websites.

To earn income from online job, you need not only courageousness, but also a lot of works, good time management, discipline, and much extra energy compared to that needed by people who have regular job. Online job can even be terrifying because if people like me cannot earn income, there will be no money at all. Yes that’s right. I talk this way according to my experience. I have ever failed to earn income from some time when doing Online Marketing job.

On my website, I only want to share stories, knowledge, recommendations, and reviews about particular products, services and software as well as techniques that I have been using throughout my career as an online worker. I give you all of them for free. Why? Because I want everyone to get updated knowledge about the ways to support their life; because when I wanted to learn about it, I was troubled with money that I had to spend to pay for the course program. It could be said that Online Marketing courses at that time were very expensive and not all mentors gave their knowledge wholly and wholeheartedly. It was truly a pity for those who seriously want to be learners. Hopefully, everything that I share can be helpful to all of you.

Thanks for visiting my website and taking your time to read this article. I hope that you will also be eager to read my blog here. I’ll see you in my blog!!

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