Six Methods Useful to Get Higher Amounts of Web Traffic

An online business or promotion will not work as expected if the web traffic is not sufficient. The insufficient web traffic might lead you to a failure. Thus you need to do something. You will need to do something extraordinary for your online business and step out of the comfort zone. Think about the possible ways to expand the business and to reach more people. Maybe, you’ve written and published tons of guest posts. Even at that, you won’t be satisfied because the needed traffic doesn’t really come through. The followings are six methods that can be used to get the higher web traffic. These methods might be crazy and not suitable for the desirable business but who cares about that.

Brand T-Shirt and Giveaways.

Brand t-shirts here refer to t-shirts with your business logo and your business website’s URL printed on it. Try to give your brand t-shirts to your friends. They will be glad to receive the t-shirts especially if the t-shirts are free and good too. It might be a funny thing but the t-shirts will be the gate that leads people to your website. But you really need to have the really good and useful contents ready or get the lead magnet to get the new people to your list of emails.

Lead magnet can be printed on the t-shirts or maybe also being placed in the website. What kind of lead magnet that will be good for the business? Giveaways are always good to be used. Try goodies like caps, notebooks or even money. The money giveaways are considerably rare but will bring more people because everyone wants money. It might sound crazy but it works. In short time, the web traffic will get higher but what about the promised money giveaways? Let’s check the topic below.


Money Giveaway.

Giving money as the good way to increase the web traffic has been mentioned above. The amount of money will be given will depend on you. But will you really giveaway money? Here’s the trick, you need to get PPC Ads and keep your web traffic high. You don’t need to always giveaway money because you can get a regular contest with money as the price. Alternatively, you can give conditions such as “Refer to 25 friends and get $25 cash prize.” It is a good way and will attract more people and of course make the web traffic will stay high.

Refer to 10 friends and get $25 cash prize

Pay for Premium Posts.

This is a simple thing but might be difficult to land a guest post at some authority websites such as However, if you have about $100 to $500, you will be able to get publication faster. What you need to do is creating one premium post that will be useful and also helpful for the target audience. You will then need to create the landing page that will collect emails and that’s all. Pour your idea to experts and offer them some money. Some of the authority websites already have the guidelines in accepting the sponsored posts. You’ll need to get through and abide it.

However, before you spend your money on the sponsored posts, you will need to study the particular blog or website in question. You’ll need to know whether one blog is provided with good and quality content for the subscribers. Quality must be really good or else, the high weekly traffic cannot be converted to the paying customers.

Putting the Qualified Advertisements.

Try to put classified advertisements at or and other websites will give web traffic as well as building relationship with those websites. Classified ads traffic is not as targeted as PPC traffic. However, you will gradually able to get more paying customers. That is also a reason why email marketing is such a fundamental thing to grow the leads and educate them.

When people opt-in to your list through the classified websites, don’t immediately offer products to them. Try to get close to them by telling them who you are and create one short survey that they need to fill to tell you what challenges they will get through. There will be a lot or traffic residents found at the classified websites. If you have ever neglected the influx of visitors, you need to go and get back at it again.

Print and Share Flyers.

As old as it seems, offline promotion cannot be underestimated. The reason is because bloggers and the internet marketers often neglect the potential of flyers and other promotional materials. Try to print flyers and then distribute them to many people. Don’t be shy. You need to do whatever you can. Maybe you’ll feel a little awkward but don’t be discourage. You can print 3500 colorful flyers with money less than $200. Also, you need to ensure that the URL of your website visible and easy to be read. That’s also a reason why you need domain name that easy to be remembered.

Sponsoring Local Events.

At the first glance, this option doesn’t seem to be beneficial. What can be acquired from the local events? Many people will say that sponsoring means giving money for the events. Well, that’s not particularly true because sponsoring doesn’t always mean giving money. If you contribute to the events by becoming promoter or organizer, that means you have become sponsor of the events. However, if you have and can give money, why not? Take a look around you to find the local events where you can take part.

Is that it? Not, there are more things you can do. At the event, you can try to share your printed flyers quietly. You might as well produce banner and use it to promote the business or bog you have. Becoming a sponsor of an event means that you have the easy access to some things that need to be done in an event such as making special announcement.


Here we come to the conclusion. What do you think about the things mentioned above? Maybe you will feel that some of them are not good enough. Maybe you feel that you need to try them and see what will happen. Well, your business belongs to you. You’re the boss, so do whatever you want with it. However, if you truly want the successful online business, trying the methods mentioned above won’t hurt you. Those methods might even be very helpful to be tried. You will need to do the things that you can in order to make your business a successful one.

You can promote your business in many ways. You can try to wear your branded t-shirts when you attend to Affiliate Summit or the Home Business Summit. Don’t forget to seat at the front row where many people will look at you and spot your website URL. It is important to make sure that the t-shirt suits you and colorful enough. In addition to that, when you shake hands with new people, exchange business card with them and try to promote and encourage them to visit your blog to get the most recent contest for giveaways. This is a good way to attract more people to come to your website and of course increasing the web traffic.

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