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When someone wants to introduce a product to the public, that person only has one or two second to tell them about what it is all about. Talking too much through words is not a smart solution to win the market, so what is the best way out? The best way out in marketing a product to the public is by using the right logo, and this means the seller must come to the best graphic designer to negotiate what logo or symbol which is suitable for the item. Actually is graphic design services only related about making logo and symbol? To know more about this business field, let’s check on this information below

The Graphic Design Services Coverage

When people are talking about graphic design, their mind usually will be related to the use of picture, image or symbol. Some people like to call the graphic design as the visual communication subject. In fact both of them are different thing even though they are alike.  Since the use of visual centric media such as computer and laptop for internet use, smartphone for mobile device and television, graphic design business is getting bigger and bigger because the demand of using graphic design is keep on increasing.

The use of graphic design can be seen from logo of a product, branding campaign, electronic and printed advertisement, packaging and color of the product. Every dot is matter to represents the image of the product.

Many Graphic Design Types That People Don’t Know About

To fulfill the needs of graphic design in various devices, there are various graphic design services that are provided.  The first type is publication graphic design.  This type of graphic design focuses on the printed media such as magazine, book, newspaper or catalogue. The use of the art is aimed to decorate the media, not presenting the image of the product.  The graphic designer for this field usually works together with the editor to limit what will emerge on the media.  The involvement of the graphic designer for publication design is very total because the designer acts in three different jobs as follows: production artists, art directors and graphic designer itself.

Another service of graphic design is company graphic design.  This field is what we have talked in the previous passage. The role of graphic designer in this field is more complicated than the previous field, even though the task to handle is least.  The graphic designer for this field has a responsibility to create the identity and image of a product to be the part of communication strategy from the company.  The complexion of for this field is the graphic designer must be able to make a logo which can fulfill all wishes of the customers and it can be used for a long period of time.

Sign or warning on the street exists due to the help of environmental graphic designs. They are the expert to make sign on the public places or facilities such as airport, station, garden, street and other public places, but they don’t close the chance to create a design for property business such as real estate or city management construction. Many people don’t know that it is the part of graphic design services as well.

Last but not least is website design. This field gains much popularity in these days since people become more engaged to the internet. Many companies and people want to open their business through media online, so the website graphic designers are the people who are in charge on this field.  This field is similar to the publication graphic designer because the designer more focus on the how to decorate the media rather than defining the identity for the media itself. In the making process, the website graphic designer uses many computer application rather than hand scratch such as Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia.  This field relates to what so called page layout and interface design.

If we read from the first part until the end of the article, we can conclude that actually graphic designer has a very wide range in this business. It can enter any kind of environmental even though with different skill in the hand. It makes graphic design subject can get job and income faster because many people need it to help them decorate their product. The student of graphic design even can earn some money without being graduated first from the college.

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