How to Login to WordPress

Hi, we meet again, it’s me pramze. Currently, I am in the Balangan Beach, Bali – Indonesia when I wrote this article. Yes, in this article, we will learn about login to WordPress that previously has been installed. It is not difficult to login to our WordPress. It is as easy as login to Yahoo or Gmail email accounts. It’s very simple and just need three steps. What are they?

  1. Please type the name of website followed by /wp-admin. Look the example below so you will be able to login to your WordPress:


    And then press enter.
    Of course, the thing above will not be functional if you install WordPress in the sub-directory. The following is how you install WordPress into sub-directory:


  3. Please login to WordPress by using your username and password.
  4. wp-admin

  5. Please press enter.

Congratulation, you have successfully login to your WordPress!
It’s just as I said at the beginning, with just three steps and you are able to login to your WordPress.

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