Maximizing SEO With SpyGlass

The Spying Game in Business

Spying does not only exist in the world of the people like the secret service or James Bond. Spying is also a big part of marketing, so it is also part of the SEO. It is no secret that search marketers like to spy on their competitors without the knowledge of the competitors themselves. They do this because they want to be able to know more about the competitors’ tactic in marketing and sales. Marketers hope that by understanding the best competitors’ technique, they copy the tactic and get the same good result. However, this is almost impossible since logically it is impossible to duplicate a profile of a website even if you are able to get all their link data, at least you think that you have gained all their link data. In fact, there are some link data that you will not able to obtain no matter how good you are at your spying.

Then it is time for you to change the strategy as not to make a similar link profile but make your own link that is better then the competitors. Maybe you have some similarities but surely you will have added some spices here and there to make it even better than your competitors’. So basically the spying that you do is not to replicate but to identify the links that are most valuables to your competitors and combine them with your best so that you will get the best chance to reach your own goal that is to acquire a better result than your competitor. The next thing would be the tools that we use to spy. Many people find the SEO tools to be one of the best tools to find out the secrets of your competitors. One of the simplest yet effective tools is the SEO SPYGLASS TOOL.

The Spying Super Tools

Most SEO is programmed to know that Google is using an algorithm with link based ranking in order to determine the rankings. The more high quality links that you have, the higher your rank would be. This is the reason why the Spyglass is one of the best super tools because it can provide its users with the best intelligence to find out the best links available. As its users, you would be able to use the SEO SpyGlass to extract key metrics and those key SEO metrics that you will get are:

  • Backlink pages. The Backlink pages it the URL that has the rival’s site’s links.
  • Link Anchor Text: You can find out the keywords that re being used by your competitors to target the building of the links.
  • Toolbar PageRank and SEO Link Value: This is to determine the value of all the links that is provided. The value itself will be based on the TBPR and the metric owned by the SEO SpyGlass.
  • Alexa Rank. The Alexa rank is to see which of the links have the ability to send most traffic to your competitors.

All those features make the SEO SpyGlass amazing, but those are only a small part of the ability that the tool has. It has the smarter way of automating this long process of spying so that you will be able to save time and efforts in the process. Imagine that without having to check on manually on a number of link targets, you will be able to save at least 20 minutes in one process. As for the reporting, there are two things that you can actually achieve from the SEO SpyGlass, the first is to educate yourself on how to turn on the data into acts while the second is to tie everything together. The education is a big feature for any businesses or other people who have financial interest in the SEO. In addition to the data extracted in the report, you will be able to understand everything because the data is presented in a very easy manner. As easy as it was, you can actually be exposed to other opportunities as you gain more and more information. The report is also very smart because it has the features that enable you to personalize it. you can even put a company logo in the report if you want to.

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